The Shocking Moment of Kurohige's Death in One Piece 1082
The Shocking Moment of Kurohige's Death in One Piece 1082

The Shocking Moment of Kurohige’s Death in One Piece 1082

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The latest One Piece 1082 episode showcased the shocking demise of Kurohige, the Yonkou, who fell victim to Bogard’s sword slashes at Hachinosu. The right-hand man of Monkey D Garp, Bogard revealed mastery of legendary Kamusari technique, leaving the fans in awe. The new character Bogard found his first appearance in Beehive and turned out to be a valuable asset as he helped destroy Saber of Xebec, Kurohige’s ship, on Garp’s orders. The episode revealed several mysteries about the skillful swordsman, who even exhibited Zoro’s three sword styles while battling Kurohige’s commanders, and helped Garp overcome the Yonkou with Kamusari’s maximum form.

The 3 Gaya Pedang technique that Bogard displayed has garnered much attention, with some even speculating that Bogard’s sword skills’ rough nature could surpass Mihawk’s. Eiichiro Oda, the maker of One Piece, tends to keep information about new characters to a minimum, making their introductions more stimulating and intriguing.

After destroying Kurohige’s commanders and 11,000 of his crew members, Bogard reached the Yonkou’s headquarters, where he witnessed Kurohige battling Garp. Bogard refused to intervene as he held a high opinion of Garp’s fighting abilities. Despite being an elder, Garp had almost succeeded in defeating Kurohige, but the latter’s demonic-fruit powers had given him the edge. In a moment of devastation, Kurohige attempted to strike Garp with a lethal blow, only to be blocked by Bogard, who dazzled everyone with Kamusari.

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Fans have been speculating about Bogard’s identity, and some believe he may be related to Zoro, given his three sword styles’ resemblance. Garp did mention that Bogard had been with him since childhood. There is also a probability that Bogard learned Kamusari directly from Gol D Roger, given his proximity to Garp and Roger.

The One Piece episode portrayed several exciting and unpredictable moments that kept the fans glued to their screens. The death of Kurohige, the role of Bogard, and Garp’s newfound status as a pirate have whipped up excitement among the viewers. The new Bounty rankings of the prominent characters after Garp’s entry into the pirate world have also taken the internet by storm. One thing’s certain- fans eagerly await the next One Piece installment.

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