The Clash between Garp and Aokiji in One Piece Chapter 1081
The Clash between Garp and Aokiji in One Piece Chapter 1081

The Clash between Garp and Aokiji in One Piece Chapter 1081

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In One Piece Chapter 1081, the story continued with the attack lead by Garp in Hachinosu. Garp’s remarkable abilities have made him a center of attention among One Piece fans. Despite his old age, Garp proved his strength and agility during the attack, contradicting the belief that old age affects his abilities. However, something was amiss during his rampage – the presence of Kurohige, which Eiichiro Oda, the creator, never revealed until the end of One Piece Chapter 1081.

To make matters even more surprising, Aokiji, who supposedly admires Garp, was the one who faced his wrath in Hachinosu. Although it is a well-known fact that Garp is a character respected by Aokiji in One Piece, the story takes a turn as Eiichiro Oda makes Aokiji attack Garp, who is on a mission to find Kurohige. The readers know that Aokiji has joined Kurohige’s pirate crew, which justifies his actions to some extent, but there must be more to the story that caused Aokiji to attack his respected elder.

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In chapter 1081, it was revealed that Kurohige had offered Aokiji to join his crew, which Aokiji initially refused. However, Kurohige persisted, offering Aokiji the freedom to do whatever he wishes as long as he remains a part of his crew. This was something that Aokiji had desired, being restricted by the Marine rules up until his defection. Finally, Aokiji agreed and became Kurohige’s 10th commander.

The clash between Garp and Aokiji in One Piece Chapter 1081 has garnered much attention from One Piece fans. The revelation of Kurohige’s offer to Aokiji, leading to his betrayal of Garp, adds more depth to the story. The Organisasi Rahasia Pembelot Pemerintah Dunia and the search for Kurohige make the plot even more intriguing. One Piece fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter to see how the story unfolds.

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