Synopsis: The Girl on a Bulldozer - A Story of a Troubled Girl Seeking Justice for Her Father
Synopsis: The Girl on a Bulldozer - A Story of a Troubled Girl Seeking Justice for Her Father

Synopsis: The Girl on a Bulldozer – A Story of a Troubled Girl Seeking Justice for Her Father

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The Girl on a Bulldozer (2022) is a movie that tells the story of a troubled young girl named Gu Hye Young, played by Kim Hye Yoon. Hye Young is just 19 years old but has already been sentenced to skills training due to her involvement in a fight. Despite her intentions of protecting the weak, Hye Young attacked first, and this landed her in trouble.

However, her training is cut short when her father, Gu Bon Jin (Park Hyuk Kwon), the Chinese restaurant owner, suffers a severe accident that leads to brain death. The tragedy, coupled with the fact that the victim of her father’s accident demands compensation, pushes Hye Young to start digging into the circumstances surrounding her father’s death.

The movie, directed by Park Ri Woong, and featuring Park Si Woo and Oh Man Seok, adds mystery and suspense to the plot, as Hye Young sets on a quest for justice to put closure to the trauma she is facing.

Hye Young’s investigation into her father’s accident leads her to discover some suspicious details that do not quite align with the official narrative. Thorough questioning and critical thinking reveal hidden connections that could change the course of events and help her find the truth behind her father’s death.

Beyond the storyline, the movie covers several themes, including crime, drama, family, investigation, mystery, slice of life, teen, and tragedy, as the subplots revolve around the criminal world and Hye Young’s quest for justice.

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The Girl on A Bulldozer – Character Portrayal

The portrayal of Hye Young in The Girl on A Bulldozer deserves a special mention. Kim Hye Yoon excellently depicts the emotional rollercoaster of Hye Young’s character, oscillating between a young girl seeking direction whilst battling her anger and frustration towards life circumstances.

The movie’s supporting cast, including Park Si Woo, credited as the younger brother, enforces the family links and deepens the quest for justice.

Hye Young’s father, Gu Bon Jin, is a significant character in the story, with Park Hyuk Kwon bringing much-needed depth to the characterisation of a traditional father-daughter relationship.

The acting, coupled with an excellent soundtrack and flow of the plot, makes The Girl on A Bulldozer a must-watch for lovers of crime and drama movies.


In conclusion, The Girl on A Bulldozer is a movie that perfectly portrays the emotional turmoil of a young girl seeking justice for her father’s death. Director Park Ri Woong and lead actor Kim Hye Yoon expertly combine mystery, drama, and suspense to create another Korean classic.

With the movie’s themes of family, crime, investigation, and tragedy, The Girl on A Bulldozer is an evergreen movie with several plot twists that keep the audience glued to their screens.

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