Synopsis of The Ridiculous 6 Movie
Synopsis of The Ridiculous 6 Movie

Synopsis of The Ridiculous 6 Movie

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The Ridiculous 6 is an action comedy movie with a western nuance and also became the first Netflix original film from a long-term contract between Netflix and Adam Sandler. Directed by Frank Coraci, who had worked with Adam Sandler in several movies such as The Wedding Singer, this movie features dozens of well-known actors and comedians.

The movie follows Tommy, also known as “White Knife,” who was raised by Indians in the Old West. Tommy is about to marry the daughter of the Indian chief who raised him after his mother died when he was young. One day, an old man named Frank Stockburn arrived unexpectedly and claimed to be Tommy’s biological father. Frank told Tommy that he had cancer and would be leaving $50,000 for him in a place in the desert.

The next day, a group of bandits led by Cicero kidnaps Frank, demanding the ransom that Frank promised Tommy. To get the money, Tommy decides to gather a group of five half-brothers who he meets during his journey. The half-brothers comprise Ramon, who has a Mexican heritage, Lil’ Pete, who is always cheerful and has a strong body, Herm, a huge mountain man, Danny, a former presidential bodyguard who feels guilty about the president’s death, and Chico, a piano player.

Tommy and his half-brothers, who now call themselves The Ridiculous 6, plan to rob the bar owned by Smiley Harris, who was once a member of the Frank-led robbery gang. After learning that they are Frank’s children, Smiley wants revenge but accidentally gets his head chopped off by Ramon and dies.

The Ridiculous 6 finds out that Clem and his group manage to track them and steal the money they just robbed. Disappointed, they meet Abner Doubleday, who is teaching Chinese workers to play baseball for the first time. After playing, they continue their journey.

To get the $50,000 as promised to him, Tommy and his half-brothers decide to steal from a high-class gambling game in Yuma. Ramon, Herm, and Chico disguise themselves to get into Ezekiel Grant’s house, the gambling organizer attended by Mark Twain, General Custer, and Wyatt Earp. Ramon is nervous during the game, but the Ridiculous 6 succeeded in robbing a lot of money from the gambling table.

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They hurry to chase Cicero and his gang after the robbery and suddenly meet Clem and his group, who are buried in the desert by Cicero’s group. After they release Clem and his group, they try to chase Cicero, but they get lost and decide to spend the night. Tommy recognizes Cicero from his mother’s photo album, who Cicero apparently murdered. Tommy decides to confront Cicero alone and delivers the $50,000 ransom, but he still kills Cicero because of personal revenge.

Tommy’s half-brothers arrive just to see him being threatened by Clem and his group. However, they manage to gather and talk to their father for the first time but surprisingly realize there is a sinister plan behind all these events. What is it? Watch the movie to find out!


In summary, The Ridiculous 6 is an action-packed comedy that is full of adventures and shows what old West life is like. The movie tells of a story of Tommy and his half-brothers robbing and stealing to save their father and ultimately realizing their true family connection. The film is filled with humor and irony that will keep the audience entertained from the beginning until the end. The Ridiculous 6 is a must-watch for anyone who wants to see some silly and action-packed cowboy adventures.

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