Synopsis and Review of "The Tuxedo" (2022) from Bacaterus
Synopsis and Review of "The Tuxedo" (2022) from Bacaterus

Synopsis and Review of “The Tuxedo” (2022) from Bacaterus

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“The Tuxedo” (2022) is a mini-series that gained immense popularity in the boys love genre. The drama portrays a family’s business, emotional turmoil, and love story between a professional tailor and his arrogant client. Chap Suppacheep stars as Nawee, and Green Phongsathorn plays the role of Aiaoon. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of their story and cover the synopsis and review of “The Tuxedo” (2022) from our site.


The story revolves around Aiaoon, a talented designer and tailor who runs his family-owned boutique business. He works alongside his two brothers, Oab and Art, who seem to know little about the fashion world. Despite the positive reputation of Aiaoon’s brand, he is extremely selective when it comes to new clients. He only makes suits for people who are close to him and even refuses to open brand branches overseas.

One night, Oab is mugged, and a kind stranger saves him; this stranger is Sichol. During the rescue, Sichol’s designer suit rips, and Oab brings him home to get a new one made. Sichol is overjoyed when Aiaoon designs an exclusive suit for him, but he has a job interview, and his only suit is torn.

Sichol’s job interview the next day is at the home of Nawee, a wealthy young man looking for a personal assistant. Nawee’s family also runs a clothing business, just like Aiaoon’s family. Nawee is rude and arrogant, especially toward people he thinks are beneath him. Although Sichol doesn’t give Nawee a good impression during the interview, Nawee is smitten with Sichol’s suit, which prompts him to hire Sichol as his personal assistant with one condition. Sichol must contact the designer who made his suit and get the best suit made for Nawee’s father’s birthday party.

Sichol tries to negotiate with Aiaoon to make a suit for Nawee, but Aiaoon refuses because he only makes suits for his chosen customers, no matter how much money is offered. Sichol then tries to bring in another designer, though Nawee isn’t pleased with the result. Fortunately, Sichol persuades Aiaoon to make a suit for Nawee by apologizing and pleading with him. Nawee and Aiaoon meet again, and slowly, they start to develop feelings for each other.

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“The Tuxedo” (2022) is an excellent addition to the boys love series. The exceptional performances of the lead actors, Chap Suppacheep and Green Phongsathorn, draw the audience into the story. They give life and depth to their characters, making every scene feel genuinely emotional and heartfelt.

The storyline contains a mix of family drama, business, and romance, making it an engaging watch. The writers have done an exceptional job of creating tension, such as the rivalry between the two families and the emotional baggage each character carries. The series also highlights social standings and inequality, adding a layer of social commentary to the story.

The series’ pacing is immaculate and keeps the audience invested throughout, with each episode leaving us wanting more. The costumes and set design are also noteworthy and add to the series’s overall aesthetic appeal.


“The Tuxedo” (2022) is a must-watch for boys love fans and anyone who enjoys a good drama. The series’s engaging storyline and exceptional performances make it a stand-out in the genre. From family drama to business rivalry and romance, the show has it all. With its well-constructed plot and characters, it immerses the audience into a world of fashion and relationships, making it a perfect watch for all.

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