Rie Takahashi Urges Fans to Practice Basic Etiquette at Anime Concerts
Rie Takahashi Urges Fans to Practice Basic Etiquette at Anime Concerts

Rie Takahashi Urges Fans to Practice Basic Etiquette at Anime Concerts

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Rie Takahashi, a well-known seiyuu and singer in Japan, has addressed the issue of bad body odor or sweat during anime concerts, which is often complained about by fans of anime also known as otaku or wibu. The odor is a common problem at conventions and concerts where many otaku attend without showering beforehand. This is compounded by the fact that many of these events are held indoors. To address the issue, Rie took to her official Twitter account in February to provide a guide for her upcoming concert attendees, which included tips on basic etiquette, such as bringing a power bank and a small bag to keep valuables. However, what caught the attention of many was her polite reminder about hygiene and the importance of showering before attending the concert.

Rie’s guide included a drawing of someone taking a shower and recommended that taking a shower before attending the concert would help to avoid offending others with body odor. Rie’s message was conveyed in a courteous manner that did not offend any of her fans. Her tweet read, “This is a question for everyone! Basically, will you choose your actions while considering what’s around you? Finally, tomorrow. Thank you!” Her drawing and message garnered a positive response from many fans, who appreciated her effort to address the issue in a gentle manner.

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Rie’s advice is not uncommon, as many anime convention-goers have given tips on how to combat body odor in the past, which includes the use of deodorant and menthol-scented creams. However, it appears that such advice has not been effective in addressing the issue of body odor caused by unwashed otaku. The problem has become so widespread that there have been public announcements urging people to shower before attending Comiket.

In conclusion, Rie’s message is a gentle reminder to all attendees of anime concerts and conventions to practice basic etiquette and hygiene. Her attention to detail in addressing the issue of body odor by drawing a picture of someone showering demonstrates her genuine concern for her fans. It is essential to remember that basic hygiene practices are crucial not only for one’s health but also for the comfort of those around you.

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