Revisiting the Best Games for the Nintendo Wii: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Revisiting the Best Games for the Nintendo Wii: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Revisiting the Best Games for the Nintendo Wii: A Trip Down Memory Lane

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The Nintendo Wii, the successor of the Nintendo GameCube, was one of the most popular video game consoles that competed with the PlayStation and Xbox. While the PlayStation and Xbox emphasize high-resolution graphics, the Wii focused more on user experience. The console also came with a Wiimote joystick, a unique feature that its competitors did not have. The Nintendo Wii provided players with a collection of classic games such as Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Rayman, The House of the Dead, among many others. The Wii has since lost its glory, but for some gamers, the console still holds a special place in their hearts. In this article, we will travel down memory lane and revisit the top five games that made the Nintendo Wii a fan-favorite.

1. Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)

In this game, Tiki creatures from the Tiki Tak Tribe arrive on Donkey Kong Island and steal all the bananas, hypnotizing the animals to help them do so. Donkey Kong and his friend Diddy Kong start their journey to take the bananas back. In this game, players control Donkey Kong and are occasionally assisted by Diddy Kong. The gameplay includes classic controls like swinging from vines and searching for puzzle pieces of The Golden Kong. This game received critical acclaim and was a commercial success, selling over 6.53 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games for the Wii.

2. Xenoblade Chronicles (2010)

Xenoblade Chronicles is an action role-playing video game (RPG) that allows players to control one character in a group of three warriors through the use of the Wii Remote or Classic Controller. The game features an open world, and players can explore a map in the world of Xenoblade Chronicles. The game involves a young scientist named Shulk who lives in Colony 9 on Bionis and wields a sword named Monado. Accompanied by his friend Reyn, they join forces against the army of Mechonis.

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3. New Super Mario Bros Wii (2009)

This classic game takes players on an adventure through eight worlds to rescue Princess Peach. Players can control Mario and must finish levels by overcoming challenging obstacles. The game also offers multiplayer features for up to four people. Players can choose to play as Mario, Luigi, and two humanoid mushrooms named Toad. The game, like Super Mario Bros., allows players to collect gold coins for extra lives and power-ups such as Super Mushrooms, Mini Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Ice Flowers.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the first installment of The Legend of Zelda game series. The game follows a young man named Link, who has a mission to rescue his childhood friend Zelda, who has been kidnapped and imprisoned in the underground realm of Skyloft. The gameplay includes puzzles and combat with bosses while wielding The Goddess Sword, a weapon that has the ability to pinpoint enemy weaknesses.

5. The House of the Dead: Overkill (2009)

As the name suggests, The House of the Dead: Overkill lets players take on the role of an agent or detective named Isaac Washington, who is battling against the undead. The game features a fun, arcade-style shooter with various levels and boss battles.

In conclusion, the Nintendo Wii may no longer be the console of choice for current gamers. Still, for old-time gamers, the console holds a particular place in their hearts. The aforementioned games are just a few examples of the enjoyable, timeless games that made the Wii a classic console.

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