One Piece 1083 Reveals the Truth Behind Nevertari Cobra's Death
One Piece 1083 Reveals the Truth Behind Nevertari Cobra's Death

One Piece 1083 Reveals the Truth Behind Nevertari Cobra’s Death

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One Piece 1083 has finally unveiled the mystery behind Nevertari Cobra’s death. Contrary to the rumors Sabo was not the one who killed Nevertari Cobra. The upcoming chapter is going to delve into the details of the Reverie and various facts related to it. According to the spoilers, it has been confirmed that Sabo has nothing to do with the death of Cobra. Sabo has been used as a scapegoat by Gorosei to make people hate the revolutionary army.

As per the predictions of fans, Cobra’s death is related to the ancient weapon, Uranus, that Im Sama is believed to have used to eliminate the kingdom of Lulusia. It is also said that only the descendants of Nevertari can use this weapon. So, Im Sama needs Vivi to be the only one who can control Uranus. Gorosei was too valuable for Im Sama and Gorosei could never kill him.

However, Im Sama threatened Cobra to use Uranus, and that’s why he entered Gorosei’s chamber. Cobra was aware that if he enters Gorosei’s chamber, there is a high possibility he won’t meet his daughter anymore. Nevertari Cobra is alive and is currently with Gorosei.

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One Piece 1083 also reveals that there was a massive attack on the Lulusia kingdom after Im Sama removed it from the world map. It is assumed the attack was from the use of Uranus. The Nevertari family has long been linked to Uranus since it was first mentioned in the Alabasta Arc. It is also said that only Nevertari descendants can use Uranus, thus Im Sama needs Cobra alive. To safeguard his position as the only one who can operate Uranus, Im Sama plans to target Vivi.

In summary, the upcoming One Piece 1083 will answer many questions related to the Reverie. It has been confirmed that Sabo is not responsible for Cobra’s death and is innocent. Cobra entered Gorosei’s chamber to protect his daughter and his kingdom’s destiny.

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