Lookism Anime: A Thrilling Adaptation of the Popular Manhwa
Lookism Anime: A Thrilling Adaptation of the Popular Manhwa

Lookism Anime: A Thrilling Adaptation of the Popular Manhwa

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Have you heard of the popular manhwa Lookism? It’s set to become an anime on Netflix, and fans can’t wait to see it. Lookism is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that has been going strong since it began back in 2014 on the popular WEBTOON platform. With 424 episodes so far and weekly updates every Friday, Lookism has a large fanbase that eagerly awaits each new episode.


Netflix has decided to do something new with Lookism, instead of adapting it into a Korean drama like many other manhwa on WEBTOON, they are turning it into an anime. What’s unique is that the anime will be in Korean, not Japanese like other manhwa adaptations. The original release date for the anime was set for November 4th, but due to the Halloween tragedy in Itaewon that killed 156 people, Netflix postponed it. The new release date is on December 8th.

For those who are new to the world of Lookism, below are some things that you should know. First, Lookism revolves around Park Hyung-seok, a short, overweight, unpopular, and lonely guy from a poor family. He gets brutally bullied by his classmates daily, with the worst of the bullies being Lee Tae-sung, also known as Logan Lee. To avoid him, Hyung-seok moves to Jae Won, a vocational high school known for its liberal education and eccentric students.

The manhwa has high-quality art and character design that leans towards a realistic visual impression. The anime’s animation is impressive as well, and it can be compared to original Netflix anime Tekken: Bloodline. Studio Mir, the production company responsible for the production of Lookism anime, has done an excellent job with the translation of the source material. What’s more, Lookism will have a cast of Korean voice actors, something that isn’t common in manhwa adaptations.

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Although it may seem like a slice-of-life story, Lookism is an intense thriller that is packed with mystery, intense battles, and even gang wars. The manhwa depicts the darker sides of humanity, exploring issues such as animal cruelty, human trafficking, and stalking. The story is intense, but it also has its moments of humor, warmth, and tenderness. Lookism’s protagonist, Park Hyung-seok, is one of the series’ best characters. Despite the terrible things he has gone through, he remains one of the kindest characters in the story, always putting his mother’s welfare above his own.

In conclusion, Lookism is an incredible manhwa that fans have been eagerly waiting for in anime format. It’s captivating, intense, and has a fantastic cast of characters. With its unique approach to the Korean language and character design, Lookism is sure to impress even those who haven’t read the manhwa. With the anime now available on Netflix, it’s time to dive into this thrilling adaptation of the popular manhwa!

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