Increasing Market Value of Ruby in the Entertainment Industry: A Comprehensive Guide
Increasing Market Value of Ruby in the Entertainment Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

Increasing Market Value of Ruby in the Entertainment Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the latest chapter of the popular manga Oshi no Ko, Miyako introduces a new part-time employee named Ichigo Saitou. Little does Miyako know that Ichigo holds valuable advice about two of the company’s most important assets – Ruby and Aqua.

Ichigo proceeds to reveal his insights to Miyako, and she is astounded by his knowledge. Eager to implement positive changes, Miyako gathers all the employees of Ichigo Production and announces the new roles and responsibilities in the company. Excitingly, Miyako also shares that she will be taking on the role of manager for Ruby and Aqua.

However, not everyone is thrilled about these changes. Ichigo feels deceived by Aqua and firmly believes that she had planned his return to the company. This revelation creates tension within the team, but Ruby remains hopeful. She is glad that Ichigo has come back and secretly hopes that he becomes a permanent employee.

As the story progresses, Ruby discovers a shocking truth – Aqua is her long-lost sister. This realization fills Ruby with gratitude towards Aqua, who has been working tirelessly as a doctor. Ruby now appreciates Aqua’s actions in a new light.

Ichigo, being well-versed in the entertainment industry, emphasizes the importance of increasing Ruby’s market value. He advises the team to be careful in selecting programs and professionals that will enhance Ruby’s image. Ichigo believes that these strategic decisions will play a crucial role in ensuring Ruby’s success.

Furthermore, Ichigo suggests focusing on tie-in sales and expanding the company’s office. By exploring collaborations and partnerships, Ichigo believes that Ichigo Production can reach new heights in the entertainment industry.

Amidst all the chaos, Ichigo takes a moment to acknowledge Miyako’s dedication and hard work. He encourages her to continue working diligently and assures her that her efforts will not go unnoticed.

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This article delves into the significance of the key points mentioned in this chapter. It emphasizes how these points contribute to conveying the main ideas of an article and engaging the readers. Furthermore, the article emphasizes the importance of a key takeaway, which serves as a lesson or insight for the readers to consider.

To provide a comprehensive explanation, the article discusses the 5W1H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) principle. It explores who the key characters are, what the discussion revolves around, when and where the events take place, and why and how these events are significant in the entertainment industry.

Lastly, the article highlights the popularity of Volume 12 and the artbook of the manga Oshi no Ko. These accomplishments showcase the growing fanbase and the enthusiasm surrounding the series.

In conclusion, the key takeaway from this chapter is to focus on increasing the market value of Ruby in the entertainment industry. It highlights the importance of carefully selecting programs and professionals to enhance Ruby’s image. Moreover, prioritizing tie-in sales and exploring collaborations are crucial steps towards achieving success in the entertainment industry. With the guidance of Ichigo and the dedication of Miyako, Ichigo Production has the potential to reach new heights and captivate audiences worldwide.

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