How to Tag Everyone in Whatsapp Group?
How to Tag Everyone in Whatsapp Group?

How to Tag Everyone in Whatsapp Group?

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Are you interested in tagging everyone or specific persons in your Whatsapp group? Whatsapp tagging or mention feature makes it possible to send targeted messages so that everyone pays attention to it. But, how can you tag everyone in your Whatsapp group? This article will guide you on tagging and answering other related frequently asked questions.

Firstly, Whatsapp tagging is a fantastic feature which is useful for Whatsapp users. With the mention feature, a sender can deliver a message to a targeted person whom they have tagged or mentioned. In turn, the recipient will receive a notification and pay attention to the message. The mention feature also works if the tagged or mentioned person has muted notification on that Whatsapp group.

To tag everyone in your Whatsapp group, you must tag each person in the same message by using “@”. Unfortunately, there is not any other special feature for tagging everyone in your Whatsapp group. So, open the Whatsapp group in which you have to tag everyone, type “@,” and then select the person, and again type “@,” and then select the next person. Repeat the same procedure and after selecting all the contacts, type the message to send them.

On the other hand, it’s simple to tag any specific person on a Whatsapp group. You need to type “@” and then select the number or contact you want to tag. This is useful if you want to send a message to a specific person or a group of people.

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To send a message to all group members individually, use the broadcast feature. Create the broadcast and select the contacts you want to send messages to. Unlike tagging, the broadcast feature sends messages individually. But, if you have not saved a member’s number, then WhatsApp will not block you from tagging the person. Just type “@,” and the number will appear for all members of the Whatsapp group.

Finally, to answer the frequently asked questions, you just need to select one by one the contact list of the Whatsapp group by using the “@” symbol. If you tag all members with “@everyone” on Whatsapp, it will not work, and you need to tag everyone using the same “@” symbol. When you tag or mention a person who has muted notification on that Whatsapp group, the person will receive notification as long as they are tagged by you.

In conclusion, mentioning or tagging someone or everyone on Whatsapp is an easy process. Use the “@” symbol when tagging everyone and specific persons. Although similar to other social media platforms, Whatsapp’s tagging feature has some different functions. So, if you want to send targeted messages to your Whatsapp group, use the mention or tagging feature.

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