Holy Knight: The Mysterious and Powerful Group in One Piece
Holy Knight: The Mysterious and Powerful Group in One Piece

Holy Knight: The Mysterious and Powerful Group in One Piece

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In One Piece 1083, Eiichiro Oda finally introduced a powerful group in the series called the Holy Knight. This group consists of nine individuals, each possessing formidable strength that surpasses that of CP0 and the navy. However, the Holy Knights’ identities and movements remain shrouded in secrecy.

There are rumors speculating that Monkey D Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, was once a Holy Knight commander due to some compelling hints. For instance, Dragon’s name has the letter “D,” which is an ancient lineage that opposes the World Government. Members of the “D” clan became the natural enemy of the World Government.

It’s also known that the World Government would offer a high-ranking position to someone with the “D” name, such as Monkey D Garp, who was offered the position of Fleet Admiral several times. Likewise, they would have probably offered Dragon a higher position if he joined them due to his D lineage and being the son of a prominent member of the navy.

Another piece of evidence is Dragon’s strength. While it hasn’t been fully revealed yet, it’s safe to assume that he inherited the will of D and gained immense power from Garp’s rigorous training. However, Dragon resigned from his position as the Holy Knight commander due to his disgust of the World Government’s corruption.

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Instead, he formed the Revolutionary Army, a group that aims to overthrow the World Government’s tyranny and establish a new world order. Dragon has formidable power, and it’s rumored that it’s on par with Im Sama’s strength, making him one of the most feared enemies of the World Government.

In conclusion, the Holy Knights are a powerful group that remains shrouded in mystery. Their commander’s identity has been rumored to be Monkey D Dragon, an individual with immense power and founding member of the Revolutionary Army. The World Government had once offered Dragon a high-ranking position, but he refused and instead formed his army to fight against their tyranny.

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