Garp's Full Power Revealed in One Piece 1084: Kurohige's Plan Unveiled
Garp's Full Power Revealed in One Piece 1084: Kurohige's Plan Unveiled

Garp’s Full Power Revealed in One Piece 1084: Kurohige’s Plan Unveiled

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One of the most awaited moments in One Piece 1084 was the revelation of Monkey D Garp’s full power. In a stunning turn of events, Garp foiled the evil plan of Kurohige as the latter tried to trap him by using a fake Koby. However, Garp could not be fooled easily, and he recognized the ability of Catarina Devon to change her shape. The demise of Kurohige is imminent in One Piece 1084 as Garp prepares to wreak havoc on Beehive.

The Beginning of Kurohige’s Plan: Blackbeard thought Garp was easy to anger and acted without thinking. However, Garp had already planned his attack by gathering data on all the Blackbeard groups, including the strength and Devil Fruit ability of each Ten Titanic Captain. Kurohige’s plan to have Catarina Devon resemble Koby was anticipated by Garp. Moreover, it was revealed that the real Koby had already escaped the chaos at Beehive.

Garp’s calculated strategy involved bringing three SWORD members and hundreds of marines to lock down the movements of Kurohige’s pirates. In One Piece 1084, it was also revealed that Garp’s Galaxy Impact was not just a random attack, as it was precisely aimed at Kurohige’s weapons depot. As a result, SWORD’s Shiryu and Alvaro Pizarro retreated, while Garp and the marines overwhelmed Kurohige’s troops.

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The Real Koby: As for the real Koby, he was evacuated by Kujaku as part of a special mission to find him. Prince Grus led the marines to cause chaos in the central field of Beehive. Koby’s safety was vital, and Commander SWORD was assigned to bring him back alive or dead.

Kurohige’s Fate: Despite Kurohige’s belief that Garp would be defeated easily, he fled after realizing that he was wrong. He asked Aokiji to solve the problem at Beehive, knowing that Aokiji was close to Garp. A negotiation between Aokiji and Kurohige concerning the issue at Beehive is expected.

In conclusion, One Piece 1084 revealed the immense power of Monkey D Garp, as he anticipated Kurohige’s sinister plan. The fate of Kurohige remains in question, but it is likely that he will escape to Elbaf as part of his original plan to capture the Poneglyph from Shanks. One Piece enthusiasts can hardly wait for the publication of One Piece 1084 to see the development of the story.

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